Case Results

Michael Blue has won many cases that have significantly impacted his client’s lives and futures. Listed below is a sample of cases that illustrate the firm’s capability and commitment to clients. Although no two cases are the same, a closer look at outcomes can help set client expectations.

• Multi-Million Dollar Settlement – Medical negligence case. The Hospital failed to diagnose a serious, urgent illness. Names and amount confidential as condition of settlement.

• $750,000 Settlement – Plaintiff fell in a restaurant as the result of water tracked onto the floor of the waiting area by other customers. Plaintiff sustained a serious spinal injury. This case was vigorously defended and even dismissed on summary judgment at the trial level but later revived in the court of appeals and eventually settled.

• $650,000 Settlement – Wrongful death of motorcyclist in Renton, King County, WA as a result of a rear-end accident at a stop light. Maximum available insurance from multiple policies recovered. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

• $350,000 Settlement – Medical negligence case regarding a sponge left in a patient during breast implant surgery, leading to multiple operations. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

• $250,000 Settlement – Plaintiff was injured, suffering back and neck injuries, due to property owner’s failure to erect a proper railing.

• $210,000 Jury Verdict – Plaintiff was rear-ended by a truck and sustained a shoulder injury consisting of a rotator-cuff tear requiring surgery.

• $175,000 Settlement – Client was injured when a stair gave way as she descended a staircase, causing ankle fracture with surgical plate fixation.

• $165,000 Settlement – Trip and fall in a Seattle supermarket due to a deceptive display. The client sustained an injury resulting in knee surgery.

• $65,000 Verdict – A bicyclist was injured when a passenger opened a car door directly into his path.

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